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Paternity Depot strives to provide the lowest price in the country while utilizing the most advanced DNA testing methods available. Unlike most labs or brokers offering paternity test, Paternity Depot has a staff of Ph.D. trained scientist with years of experience in the DNA testing.

Our laboratory test 16 loci and our results are 99.99% for inclusions and 100% for exclusions.

Paternity depot provides the lowest price in the UK or anywhere. The £69 (€ 93) price + shipping includes all lab processing fees and there are no hidden fees involved.

Paternity depot provides fast service. Our fast 3-5 day service along with a support staff to assist you with any questions that you have.

Paternity depot has a highly trained and experience staff to ensure all results are conclusive. Not only do we test but we can assist you with around the clock service.