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This service is great, not only was the test performed at a low cost but it was quick to get here, easy to do and the results came back fast! This test was very easy to use with the detailed instructions to walk you thru the whole process! Results were available in a reasonable amount of time and easy to read and understand.

Works great and no hidden costs involved like other more expensive lab tests.

Adrian J. Glasgow, UK

Our situation was simple. We had to prove something to our father. He was unsure but never shared his feelings until now. We did some research and found out that you can do a private paternity test. It was simple to do. I ordered the kit on a Friday and I received it on Monday. I followed the directions step by step (fill out the envelopes before placing the swabs in the envelopes, and let the swabs dry completely before placing the swabs in the envelopes). The results came back in about 3 days. We were nervous, but everything turned out fine...He is our father...We knew it all did he!

Sara B. London, UK

I was a bit skeptical of doing a Paternity test at first, but I'm glad that I did this. I searched online about paternity test and noticed a huge range in pricing (from $69 to up to $400) between the different labs. I found out a lot of companies offering the service are not actual labs but brokers who end up reselling a test at a higher price so hence the higher price. The $69 from Paternity Depot made it affordable for a simple test. I found the test easy to take and simple in design. Results are available within 3 days and mailed online. Everything is included and simple to follow.

Roger M. Birmingham, UK